Best Backpacking Chairs

by Rishabh Goria | Last Updated: July 3, 2020

If you are tired of sitting at home and want to explore the outside world, want to travel, and get close to nature, understand it, feel it then what better than backpacking?

It is one of the best adventure sports you can get into which would let you know about life and lets you explore life at a closer level.

And when you plan to go backpacking you need gears, you will need tents, pillows, chairs, trousers, boots and so many things and you need to buy them and be ready to go on a trip.

Wondering what this article is all about, then let me tell you in this article we would explain all about the best backpacking chairs available,

why you need them, what all things to be considered while buying backpacking chairs, uses of them, and the best chairs you can get from the market directly or how you can make them by yourself.

Also, a small pro tip while buying the backpacking chairs you need to take care whether you are buying a used chair or a new chair if you are getting a new chair then you need to be sure of the brand and the quality of the product you are getting

and if you are getting a used one then you need to check whether the product is in good condition or not and how much it has been used?

What is the online/offline price of the new product and compare it with other shops as well and then get it although,

we recommend you to get a new one because the new one is always better and performs better than already used ones?

So, stay tuned till the end, and let’s begin.  


1. Helinox Chair Zero

Dimensions: 3x3x3 inches
Weight: 260 pounds
Material: Polyester
Color: Sand

Most of the backpacking chairs must be lightweight and easy to carry,

so that you can take them with you while traveling and can rest around and have a look at the beautiful nature around you.

As most of the people would like to go close to nature and wish to spend some time close to nature

so, you need something comfortable to sit on because of uneven surfaces you might just not feel comfortable sitting anywhere.

 and, taking a backpacking chair with you would help and Helinox is one such chair

Which is ultralight and super comfortable Chair and as it is made up of polyester it is super smooth and gives you perfect comfort you need after hours of camping or trekking.

The chair frame is made up of aluminum alloy for maximum strength, but it weighs so less, it is only 265 pounds.

The seat and carry sack is totally durable and the polyester prevents bad weather and the UV light.

Another best thing about the chair’s material is that it is very easily washable by machine.

In the end, we would only like to say if you want a comfortable and lightweight backpacking chair,

which is very easy to use for camping or backpacking then this is the best one for you.

But if your weight is more than 265 lbs or you want a cheaper chair then you might not want to go for this chair, and you can consider other chairs on the list.

  • Superlight and compact.
  • It can be packed as small as a bottle of water.
  • Dimensions of assembled chair: 20Wx19Dx25H.
  • The seat height is 7.5 inches.
  • It comes with a five-year warranty as well.
  • It is expensive.
  • It might take some time to set up.
  • Some people might find it hard to recline.
  • The chair is a bit narrow which might be uncomfortable for many customers.

2. Therm-a-rest trekker chair kit

Dimensions: 21x4x2 inches
Weight: 290 grams (10 oz)

If you want a chair that gives the best support to your back and is lightweight and very less bulky then the Therm-a-rest chair kit is the perfect chair for you.

You need to use a sleeping pad with the chair for better comfort and if it is an inflatable sleeping pad then it would take only a few minutes for you to set up the chair kit and use it.

it is a luxurious product so you can enjoy using it.

Also just try to keep a cloth underneath it to use it safely when using the chair outside because using the sleeping pad outside might have the risk of being punctured.

It uses a 75D thick material to protect your pad and is very easy to setup. You need to take care of the only thing that the pad is the same as the size of the chair to fit in easily.

You can find many sleeping pads in the market for Therm-a-rest trekker but Sea to Summit (best Backpacking pillow), Big Agnes might do the work.

  • It is completely durable.
  • It is very easy to setup.
  • Provides all-around comfort.
  • You can also fit in the mattress of width 20 inches.
  • You need a sleeping pad for extra comfort.

3. Big Agnes Ultralight Backpacking chair

If you are looking for a chair that gives you comfort, is stable, and is of lightweight then you can surely trust Big Agnes in this matter.

This gives you all the three most important things you need from a backpacking chair.

You might find other chairs that are lighter than this one but getting a combo of all the three in one would be difficult to find

and this is the perfect one for such customers.

It is made up of nylon and aluminum frames with hubless poles which helps the chair to be tall, stable, and compact.

The seat fabric makes a cup when you sit and keeps you strongly planted in the cup while you relax and enjoy the view.

With this seat and higher ground clearance,

it tops the list of comfort when compared to other ultralight and normal backpacking chairs.

But the backrest of the chair is bit low considering the ideal chairs, and as the seat is small the sides curve around your legs and back giving more space for people with large hips.

  • Very comfortable seat.
  • Lightweight.
  • Very stable and durable.
  • It takes slightly longer to set up.
  • It might be an expensive one.
  • It might be slightly heavy compared to ultra-lightweight chairs.

4. Crazy Creek HEX 2.0 Power Lounger

Size: 32.5×17.5×21 inches
Weight: 250 pounds

                                                               It is the best foam ground-dwelling chairs out in the market.

It provides great comfort, great back support, and the extended bottom which helps you to stay on the chair longer than usual, and

even if you sleep you need not worry and sleep in a very relaxed way.

It is perfect for tall people as well as it has high back support so tall people can also sit on it very easily and feel relaxed.

You can double it as a sleeping pad or also add it to your inflatable pad so that you can use it very easily on a hard surface or uneven surface.

It is not most breathable as it is made up of foam and nylon.

It has a buckle so that you can buckle up while traveling and don’t lose it and as the material.

it is made up of doesn’t have many reinforcements it might be thicker from some places so might need to take care of those places.

it doesn’t tear from there because you won’t have a spare material available or you can also carry two chairs but they might become slightly heavy to carry.

  • Very comfortable.
  • It has also a fold-out section for additional protection
  • Very versatile as it provides comfort, great back support.
  • It has very thin padding.
  • It might sit low.

5. Travel Joey Chair

Size: 14x6x4 inches
Weight: 300 pounds

                                                                 If you are looking for chairs with mesh so that they look more stylish and are easier to wash and clean during rain, then you can try this one.

If you are going to places near to your home, then this would be the best option for you, because it is heavy when compared to other chairs,

and you can carry it for longer trips or climbing with this would be an exhausting option, so if you are going for a backpacking trip near your home then this is a great option to depend on.

Also, with its basket-like feet,

it offers great stability and it doesn’t get down into sand or mud and is stable for much longer than expected.

It is comfortable, stable and you cannot say it is the lightest as there are many other chairs which are very light and comfortable to this,

but it all makes up with other features.

The chair is made up of thick canvas which is long-lasting and durable and the meshes are great for ventilation as well,

so whether it is summer or winter this would be with you all along your trip but you need to take proper care of your things so that you can use them for a longer time.

The ground clearance is also great for the chair so that a normal person can easily fit in and relax especially during the night.

It folds very easily so you can call it compact and it fits in your backpack so that would not be a worry for you.

It is also an excellent choice for car camping, beaches, backpacking, etc.

  • Very comfortable.
  • It is stable.
  • Proper seat positioning.
  • Compact.
  • It might be heavy compared to other products in the same price range.
  • It doesn’t have any pockets to store things so you can fold it directly and keep in your backpack.


1. Foldable chair

These chairs usually have poles that can be snapped together to fold them, which makes it very easy to pack them.

They are usually made up of the poles and the fabric which are combined. They are a bit heavy when compared to other chairs.

2. Stool

If you want a chair that is slightly high above the ground and so that you get the height

but the disadvantage here is that you do not get back support in these, but they are cheap and lightweight and very easy to set up.

3. Ground chair

Ground chairs can be set up on the ground with zero ground clearance but they do have back support so you can use it as a sleeping aid

so these kinds of chairs would be perfect for watching football or soccer matches. You can also call them air pads,

but they are self-contained. They are lightweight and if you are looking for chairs with zero sets up time then you can surely go for the ground chair.

4. Air pad

Air pads are famous because they change your sleeping pads into a backpacking chair.

They are made up of durable cloth and easily stretch to fit in an inflated 20 to 25-inch sleeping pad, and after doubling the pad you can get 2-5” of support.

They are lightweight and very easy to set up, so you can also turn your pad for dual purpose.

5. DIY

It is very easy to set up if you have leaned well and then use it anywhere you go and disassemble it according to your comfort.

These chairs must be lightweight so that you can carry them anywhere you want too.

To make the chairs up you need to get an aluminum rod and a cloth so that you can stick or fix the cloth to the rods and then sit on them,

you can put in more efforts to get a good chair with back support as well. It also helps you pass time while relaxing, so that you do not feel bored.


1. Weight

While backpacking the most important thing to consider while getting any item is the weight.

While buying the chair always remember that the chair must be lightweight and can be easily foldable so that you can carry it with you anywhere.

You need to choose a lightweight and easy to carry a chair which helps you move faster and cover more distance during the day.

Also, if the chair is lightweight you can easily set it up and use it on the go and during daytime as well wherever you find some shadow and take rest.

2. Portability

Portability means that it must be easy to carry and can be stored anywhere, because if you choose a chair that is difficult to carry you would be exhausted only by carrying it

so you cannot cover more distance and then all your energy will be gone on the first day itself so that you will return without moving ahead, so it is advised to get a better easy to carry chair that would not disturb you during backpacking.

3. Comfort

A chair is only comfortable if it provides good back support, it the seat height is perfect, it has more weight capacity and the width of the chair is more so that a normal healthy person can fit in.

So, while checking for the comfort provided by a chair you need to check all these features. Talking about the back support suppose if you are tall or have long torso then you would not like chairs like the Alite Monarch and would prefer which have bigger back support. Talking about seat height it refers to the ground clearance of the chair.

If you have longer legs, then you would prefer a chair with more ground clearance. Next coming to the weight capacity most of the chairs have a weight capacity of 250-350 lbs which might do good,

but if you are someone whose weight is more than 350 lbs then you would make one for yourself or get one made so that you do not face any issues while backpacking because taking rest also matters the most during backpacking, if you have proper rest then you would do more activities the other day.

4. Stability

Now this is one thing you need to consider for sure while getting a backpacking chair because if the chair is unstable and moving while you sit on it then that is going to be the first complaint to the manufacturer.

So check for stability of the chair, on uneven surfaces you might face some issues but on even surfaces, the chair shouldn’t move unless you make an activity, The Big Agnes Big six proved to the most stable chairs what we found from our reviews,

but you can surely review other products and find other chairs more stable as well. The key to comfort and stability in the chairs is the ability to quickly adjust to the angle of recline.

5. Ease of use

This might be a very simple thing to cover in this article, but the ease of use is what most of the customers check when they want to buy a chair or a pillow.

How easy it is can be used so that you can do your work and how efficiently you can do it using these is what comes under ease of use.

You do not want any complicated things to be involved in this, all you want is to open the chair check it’s reclines, and then have a good time viewing and enjoying nature.

6. Other things to consider

Once you are done and selected a product based on all these factors now you need to check out what material is the chair made of, in the sense that what fabric is used to make the chair and what frame is used in the chair,

most of the chairs are made up of aluminum frames but you need to choose the frames because after some time the frames might break and fall off so you need to take care of these things so that when you are traveling and suddenly your chair breaks then you won’t have a backup in such cases or if the cloth used in the chair wears out,

you cannot do anything at that time so before going to the trip you need to plan these things out and take care of these small things.


As told in the introduction we have explained everything you need to consider while buying for backpacking chairs and we have also added few products you would like and

you can get them as well from online or offline retail stores and also during these times there are many offers on these products so you can get best deals on them. Give them a try and let us know if you liked them and also tell us how was your experience when you went backpacking for the first time

and which gears you took with yourself so that we can improve and add those gears as well.

Happy Journey! Keep Travelling! Keep Exploring.!