Best Backpacking Knife

by Rishabh Goria | Last Updated: July 5, 2020

While traveling it is very important to protect yourself and also to get some fresh fruits and vegetables on the way and to do that you need some equipment with you, to cut the fruits, to cut the veggies, to protect yourself from wild animals, to cook some food in the night and the most important role is played by a Knife.

You need a backpacking knife to get stuff done. A knife also helps you to open can clean the brush it is a good choice to carry a knife to a trip or a mission.

Backpacking needs multi-tools because in a trip there are many more things you need to do, those may be setting up your tent or cutting cords, or cutting wood for some fire, or chopping some veggies or fruits for dinner and we don’t think you might get a multi-tool which helps you do everything but there are some robust and versatile tools that help to do things more easily.

In this article, we would like to explain the types of knives available in the market, which backpacking knife is good for you, and why? Some products which you might like, and you are free to choose from them and get yourself the best backpacking knife.

Let us dive in right now.


1. Folding

Most of the knives available out there are folding knives because they are compact, easy to carry, portable, and do not require to add more sheath to them which makes them super light. That is the reason people like them more. It can never do heavy jobs and there are some physical limitations to it and the moving parts make the knife inadequate for backpacking.

They also have a high chance of mechanical failure because of the same movable parts and complex design.

2. Fixed blade

They are stronger than the folding ones and more durable too. A complete full tang knife is extremely easy to carry, cannot be broken easily, perfect for rough usage or survival usage. They take up more space when compared with the folding knives and also add a bit weight to your kit or belt, the blades are more robust and as they have no more moving parts they are highly durable, versatile, and also rigid because of their full tangs.


1. Ka-Bar Becker Fixed Blade Knife

Dimensions: 3.4×13.7×2.5 inches
Weight: 1.5 pounds

 If you are looking for an American knife and want to appreciate American craftmanship then there is no better knife, then this. It has this heavy-duty blade that is best for camping. You can carry it with you outdoors for chopping and protecting yourselves.

It is made up of a drop point blade which is considered as the best blade for backpacking purposes. It is an all-purpose blade that can be used for stabbing, protecting yourself, and for other things as well. For more information, you can look into the buying guide.

The blade gives you a 20-degree angle for the better cutting experience. It also has an excellent grip so that you can continue your outdoor work without any difficulty. The nylon sheath is filled with glass so that the blade is sharp and safe.

You can also use it to cut some woods while traveling for a bonfire and as it is very lightweight you can carry it with you.


  • It can be used for faster chopping and cutting purposes.
  • It is ultralight and durable as well.
  • It is a full tang knife perfect for camping.

2. Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife

Dimensions:2.4×5.5×13 inches
Weight:13.7 ounces
Blade Length:4.8 inches

If you go out there and ask an expert who travels a lot and uses knives and other backpacking gears which is the best knife to take on a backpacking trip, the first thing they say is the brain. Your brain needs to be so sharp to take instant actions and take out the knife and act. Now, to give support to your brain you need to have a sharp and strong knife with you.

This Bear Grylls Ultimate pro knife is the best survival knife you can get as it is made up of a drop point blade, the best blade in the market, it can directly get inside firewood and make it into two in seconds.

Now coming to the best part of the knife is its premium stainless-steel construction means which means your knife will be rust free and because of its full tang, it is even perfect for heavy usage. The blade also keeps its edge longer from sharpening.

It has a rubber handle and is of 10 inches in total length because of which it feels premium and gives you a strong grip to hold the knife.

You can also make it a spear because of the two holes which you can attach to a stick and even hunt with it. The military-grade, mildew-resistant sheath also reveals much about the knife, to give a short introduction about it a good fire starter thing sits in your water bottle pocket beside your backpack.

There is also a carbide sharpener that is combined with your sheath so that you can keep a check whether the knife is sharp enough or not, if not you can use it to sharpen the knife.


  • It is made of stainless steel which is completely rust free.
  • It is a great multi-tasker so you can chop, slice, stab do anything.
  • The pommel at the base acts as a hammer.
  • It is affordable and perfect for normal use as well.

3. Gerber LMF II Backpacking Knife

Blade Length:4.84 inches
Weight:11.67 ounces.

If you are looking for a military-grade knife, which can easily cut a fuselage of the aircraft then this is the one. It can easily cut tent ropes, paracords without even getting stuck in the middle, it’s exceptionally smooth. It also has a stronger blade with the serrated edge so that you can cut wood, seat belts, and what not?

It has a butt cap handle made of stainless steel, and you can even break the glass using it. The heavy end of the which is separated from the tang also acts as a shock absorber. The handle material is made up of glass-filled nylon and the blade is a drop point blade which means it is super sturdy.


  • It is amazingly comfortable, safe, versatile.
  • It can be used as a small hammer.
  • It is super smooth.
  • It does not get rust very easily.
  • The perfect knife for chopping or cutting.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Blade Length:2.25 inches
Weight:6.5 oz.
Dimensions:3.6×1.3 inches.

                                                            If you want those fancy knives with many blades that you can turn open with a turn of your wrist and play with them then this is an ideal one. It is the best knife for an adventure with 33 functions, yes you heard it right, its 33 functions.

You can chop onions with it, you can cut cords with it, it is a complete competition to your pocketknife, you can almost do any outdoor stuff with this knife. It has a screwdriver, a bottle opener with screwdriver, pliers, corkscrew so you can use it to open cans, you can use it to remove the bolts, you can use it unscrew things, this is a multi-purpose tool and it weighs so light you can carry it with yourself along with another knife as well.

You can carry it with yourself all the time so that it comes in handy and you can use it whenever and wherever you want too. They also give a lifetime warranty of the knife against defects and the workmanship of the material. So, you will not get any chance of complaining from the company’s side.


  • Very versatile.
  • It has a cutting angle of 30-40 degrees.
  • It is ideal to have a toolbox in your pocket.

Why do you need a knife for backpacking?

The most and the foremost question anyone asks is why do you want to take a knife with you when you are going to a trip where you would enjoy and there would not be any danger to you,

but they forget that while backpacking you travel a lot and you can never be out of danger when going for adventures, there might be animals, reptiles, or you might want to hunt few and have them, or you might want to cut some veggies or fruits for dinner and you need a knife to maintain proper hygiene.

Also, there is no limit to gears in backpacking you get so many things and there is no definitive version of gears you need to get before going for backpacking.

Also while traveling you might get hurt, wounded, and cover the wound with a cloth you need a knife to cut it properly if you are not able to do so with your hand, you might want to cut some extra inches from your clothes, so you can do that.

Talking more about why you need a knife, it also helps in making shelters for your night stay, to cut timbers, to cut those extra parts, it is needed.

Now as you know why you need a knife; we can discuss some important factors required to buy the knives.

Backpacking Knife Buying Guide

  1. How is it made – The construction of Knife:

                                                                               Now while buying the backpacking knife you in a knife, right? Another thing you need to notice is the material using which the handle of the knife is made because the handle is also very important if the handle wears out easily then it would be really difficult for you to hold the knife and you would barely cut stuff.

Now first let’s understand the basic terminology used to represent all the parts of the knife because this vocabulary helps you to get the parts you desire and also talk to the buyer specifically about the part you need. Also, if you know about all the parts of a knife it would be easy for you to understand what it means instead of just knowing a metal part cutting all the things around you.

Drop Point – Perfect for backpacking and an all-purpose knife.

Clip Point – 1. Concave curve from the spine to tip,

Spearpoint, Tanto, Straight Back – Perfect for self-defense, stabbing, slashing but not good for hiking, camping.

Kukri – These style blades are perfect for backpacking but not good for stabbing or slashing, but they are great for chopping and removing small trees and bushes in your way. These blades are like the ones in machete and they are stronger than any other blades.

High carbon Steel: with strong blades and this type of blade need to sharpened less when compared to the latter but it require more maintenance this type of blade is good for hunting

Stainless steel: its a best option for chopping and it do not get rusted easily but it have some drawbacks also likes its not very durable and its not soo good for heavy use

4. Knife Tangs: Now once we are done with the steel part the other most important thing about buying a knife is the tangs of the knife. They are of five types, full tang, half tang, push tang, rat-tail tang, encapsulated tang.

            1. Full Tang: The whole thing is made up of steel and is the strongest among others and the handles never fall off, that is too much of an advantage.

            2. Half Tang: These have only half of the steel into the handle. The construction is also loose and because of which some of them are attached with screws, welds, etc., After heavy usage it is easily damaged but is cheap.

            3. Push Tang: These are made in both full tang and half tang ways. The tang is usually fixed to the handle using glue or epoxy filling so that it relies on it and if some heavy pressure applied the handle comes out, so it is not recommended for heavy usage. They are lightweight but not recommended for backpacking.

            4. Rat Tail Tang: It uses a tapered tang which extends after handle and can be welded. To the threaded end, a pommel is attached for balance.

             5. Encapsulated Tang: The tang cannot be seen in this model because the handle usually covers it. They are full tang and usually covered using metal for extra grip.

5. Locks: Another great option that knives have in them which makes it more difficult for us to choose are the locks in the knives. They prevent your fingers from slipping on the cutting part of the knife. Some of them do not have any locks, so you need to handle them with care and some have other unique ways of locking the blade, you need to understand them when you use it.

1. Frame Lock: These locks are present near your thumb which pressed open the blade, these make using the knife extremely easy and are perfect for one-handed operation.

2. Liner Lock: They have a metal liner inside the frame that holds the blade and then when pushed it releases the blade.

3. Back Lock: These are present in the back of the handle and when you press the back the blade opens. But you need to close the knife using both your hands.

6. Other Factors to be considered:

                                                    These aren’t factors that decide you need to buy a knife or not but if you have decided then you can consider these factors slightly important, and some of them are whether it is a fire-starter or not? Does it have a one-handed opening or not? Whether the handles of the knife are wooden or plastic or rubber or stainless steel, which has a better grip, try holding it getting a grip of it, stabbing it, and checking whether it works or not an get the best one for yourself and the trip.


Concluding the article I would like to say just before going to get a knife look at the products we listed try them in offline stores, check them and if you do not find them good then go through the buying guide understand the criteria required to get the best knife, know all about knives, types of knives, with what materials they are made and what makes them sturdy enough and then take a decision. Also, remember to tell us which knife you liked and if it is not listed on our page, we can do that. Good luck with your trip.

Happy Journey!