Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under $100

by Rishabh Goria | Last Updated: July 5, 2020

Backpacking sleeping bags are the most important gear to take on a trip because after a long day of trekking or hiking or camping you need some rest or some good sleep and to do so, you need to have a sleeping bag which gives you home like feels. Sleeping bags are the most comfortable gear anyone could have.

Backpacking sleeping bags are very important especially in cold weather as they act as a barrier between you and the cold ground. They are also an excellent choice for someone who is out there backpacking in hot summers as well when they try to sleep under a starry night and clear skies.

Here are some of the


1. Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: (75+12) x30 inches
Weight: 4 pounds

Probably the most important item in your backpacking gear and the most crucial one too. Talking about this sleeping bag, you can also say the most comfortable sleeping bag, after a whole day of trekking, camping, hiking, with its barrel-shaped design which means it has broad at shoulders and narrow at legs so that you have that warmth during winters. If you are planning to get a sleeping bag for a wet weather trip, then there is no better bag then this.

 The best thing about the sleeping bags is that you can use it at any temperature even if it is freezing and they are waterproof and weather-resistant as mentioned. Because of its weather-resistant design, your body feels warmer and prevents from dampness. All these features are possible because of the double-filled technology and the S-shaped quilt design.

The zipper also has a Velcro cover so that it is stiff while you sleep, and it also has an adjustable hood to provide extra comfort.

You can clean it using the machine it is completely machine-friendly, they also come in a travel-friendly carry bag and a compression sack with straps as well. Talking about comfort it is made up of polyester lining and uses 210T polyester to improve the durability of the bag.

The company also gives you a 100%-risk free satisfaction guarantee that gives you excellent comfort after spending the whole day doing adventurous stuff such as hiking, camping, and making the bad extra comfortable and convenient to carry.

  • It is very easy to clean and is completely safe to wash using machines.
  • It is waterproof and weather resistant.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is skin-friendly and durable.
  • The zipper might not work properly after a few uses.
  • It might get damaged after a few washes.

2. TETON Sports Trailhead Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: 87x32x22 inches – for Adult
Weight:2.87 oz

                                                            If you are looking for a sleeping bag that is great for weather in spring and fall, and the best part about it is its tear and water-resistant because of its durable diamond ripstop shell. It is comfortable and super soft because of its double brushed polyester material.

It is made up of Polar Lite micro insulation which keeps your body warm all night and makes it thin so that the weight of the bag is reduced, and this is what makes this sleeping bag ultralight. You also have a foot box large enough so that you can point your toes in any direction you want during sleep which also increases comfort and the hood that is super comfortable with its drawstring so that you can tighten it around your face.

The zipper is also an anti-stag full-length zipper which makes it easy to close and has a draft tube so that no cold air can get into your bag and you can sleep with ultimate warmth inside. You also get a pocket inside the bag so that you can keep all your morning or personal needs, to make it easy to pack the bag also contains a stuff sack with a drawstring closure so that you can stuff it in and carry it around anywhere you go.

It is rated for temperatures above 20-degree Fahrenheit and not considerable for warm temperatures. It is available in different sizes which are adult, scout Adult Tracker, Adult LEEF which have different lowest temperature ratings.

  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Lightweight and Lofty.
  • You also get a sack so that you need not roll your sleeping back and stuff it in the sack and carry along.
  • You might do not have enough room after layering up in jackets.
  • It might not be much effective after the temperature drops 30-degree Fahrenheit.

3. Suisse Sport Adventurer Sleeping Bag

Dimensions:84x24x33 inches
Weight:5 pounds

If you want a cheaper sleeping bag and from the best brand in the market, then this is the one you are looking for. It has a double-layered compression hood with a drawstring as well as in most of the sleeping bags which helps you stay warm during nights.

It can be easily used till 30-degree Fahrenheit and it would be a great tool during summer. It is made up of lightweight material which would be considered as the best tool for hiking as well, even if you are tall it is the best sleeping bag you can get.

You also have the right- and left-hand models that help people to zip it from different sides. It also has a compression storage sack which makes it very easy for you to carry and travel around and make your nights very comfortable and warm. It is a durable sleeping bag that comes at a very reasonable price.

While using this bag, you would find that it is worth every penny you spent. The quilt also reduces the cold spots to produce warmth and the mummy-shaped design also comes with a drawstring hood with a collar which helps your shoulders protected from cold. The zipper also has a draft tube to block the cool air from outside.

  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for cold weather.
  • It is available in three different colors black, blue, and yellow.
  • It has dual-layer quit insulation for user’s safety from cold weather.
  • It might be a bit tight for people with wide shoulders.
  • It fits only people who are below 6 inches.

4. ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag

Dimensions:23x11x11 inches
Weight:11.2 ounces

Made of Nylon Ripstop ALPS mountaineering compression sleeping bag is the best compression bag you can get out there. It has a top lid with a zippered pocket so that you can keep all your valuables and the morning needs in it.

You can also unzip the pocket and use it while traveling and moving, so for example you can keep your pocket-knife or backpacking knife so that you can use them when you want to cut woods or cut fruits and have them while moving ahead.                                             

It also has bottom webbing grab handles with d-rings which helps in attaching other objects as well or you can hang it anywhere so that you can take stuff out from it. The sacks are available in different sizes so you can choose the one that is idle for you.

  • It has a zipper pocket to keep the stuff inside.
  • It is very safe and very easy to use.
  • It has d-rings to hold other smaller objects.
  • The color might fade away after a few washes.

5. ECOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

Dimensions: 83×30 inches
Weight: 1.45 lbs

If you want a stylish sleeping bag which helps you look different than others, then you can choose this one. It is water-resistant and keeps you dry even on a wet camping trip. It is a compressed sleeping bag which makes it also good for backpacking.

Also, if you are short or less than 6 inches then it is for you, but if you are a tall person this then bag is not for you. Also having this bag makes a need for a sleeping pad as well because otherwise it’s made of so thin material that you might not be able to sleep on it.

It can be compressed to the size of the thermos and can easily fit in your water holder and because of the straps, you can carry it anywhere. It has a 400T Nylon shell that makes it durable and water-resistant too. It also has a TC cotton lining that can be compressed for more storage and gives you heat when it is too cool outside.

  • A bit stylish.
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable and easy to use.
  • It has dual zippers and seams.
  • You need a sleeping pad with it for a more comfortable sleep.
  • It might be too good for tall people.
  • It is a very low-temperature resistant (50-degree Fahrenheit).


What must be the budget of the sleeping bag? What brand should I buy? Is the quality good enough or not? Do I need to get an expensive one to show off in front of my group? Is this the right sleeping bag for me?

These are very common questions running in your head while going through these products while understanding the pros and cons of each product. Now as this article is dedicated to sleeping bags below $100, then for sure you are looking for the best sleeping bags below $100.

There are many kinds of sleeping bags and the price might also go up to $500, but there can also be a quality difference between the ones mentioned in the article and they might be the best ones when compared to the ones priced at $500, you never know.

So always, while buying a sleeping bag or any other backpacking gear always try to consider quality over the price if you feel that the quality of the product is fine then you can get it even if it is worth $500.

As we have discussed backpacking sleeping bags below $100, we didn’t make this buying guide keeping that mind, this buying guide is made for buying any backpacking sleeping bag, whether it is priced $50 or $500.

Let’s dive in.

  1. Temperature:

                            The most important to consider while buying a sleeping bag is the temperature rating of the bag, which means till how much temperature can it withstand cold, or it can keep your body warm, every sleeping bag has its limit, some can bear up to 5-degree Fahrenheit or some can only bear up to 20-degree Fahrenheit. It depends on the material, the fabric of the sleeping bag with which it’s made.

It is most important because you need warmth in cold weather and something to sleep on while camping or hiking. A good sleeping bag means it can bear up to 10-degree Fahrenheit to 32-degree Fahrenheit and such sleeping bags can last three seasons.

These ratings depend on European Norm which lists the bags under two ratings and a comfortable one is such in which a woman or a cold sleeper is comfortable enough. The lower limit rating is the lowest temperature for a man or a warm sleeper can feel comfortable enough.

There are also season ratings which depend on different seasons for suppose 1 season is only for hot summers, 2 season rating is for seasons between late spring and early autumn, 3 season rating is for the season between early spring and late autumn, 4 season rating is for the winter months where temperature can be 0, so you might need a thick and insulated sleeping bag and at last a 5 season rating is give for expedition bags and are perfect for high altitude mountains and extremely cold situations.

              The second most important thing to consider is the weight of the bag because it must be easy enough for you to carry it with you while you trek or hike. Also, most of them are compressible and have sacks so that they can fit and can be compressed to put them in backpacks or hold them in your hand and move ahead. Some are so small that they can fit in your watertight holder and that would be super cool right, while you trek in the morning you can pack them up in your watertight holder and then open them at night and enjoy a comfortable sleep. Any normal sleeping bag would weight around two to three pounds. Always remember the lighter your backpack the faster you can trek or climb. Also, the lighter the sleeping bag the better insulation material it has.

                                       There are two types of insulation done in the sleeping bags, one is down filled and the other is synthetic insulation. The down-insulated bags can be compressed and have a better warmth to weight ratio. Also remember the higher the down fill the lower is the weight of the bag. To give a simple example a bag with 400 fill power, will be as effective as a bag with 900 fill power but the bag with 900 fill power would weigh very less than the 400-fill power. But the thing is the bags with down fill won’t last any longer and are too expensive. They also get wet and loose heat retaining ability after which neither is waterproof nor water-resistant.

Talking about synthetic insulated materials they are cheap and dry very quickly when compared to the down fill insulated materials. But again they do not compress very easily, they are heavy when compared to the down fill, so now you need to choose which you want to buy we would suggest you buy the synthetic insulated materials because even though they are heavy they live longer and are water-resistant for a longer period.

                            This feature can be interrelated with the weight of the sleeping bag. You need to note down the packed size of the product, the bag size, bag shape, and the zipper side. The packed size means the total size of the bag which can be expressed in liters. Bag size might be adult bags that are available in both regular and large versions and there are also smaller bags that can opt for women and children.

Talking about the zipper side, you need to check which side the zipper is present, whether it is on the right side or the left side of the both sides so that it becomes easy for the user to use and unzip while waking up. So you can check the side for better convenience.

                               Other factors include whether the bag is durable or not, whether it is versatile or not, whether the materials used in it are good or not, all these sums up to make a better sleeping bag. You can also check whether the bag has a pocket for valuables or not, whether the hood is a mummy hood or is a hood present or not. So, remember if you find all the above features in the bag make sure to check these additional features so that they make the bag even better.


  • How to choose which sleeping bag fabric is breathable and which was isn’t?

    Ans: Talking about fabrics of the sleeping bag they are made in such a way that they let the moisture out, while some are moisture-resistant they might not let the moisture out because of which the bag may be clumsy or moist during the night. Some bags showcase that they are 100% waterproof but they are very less breathable but the most important thing to notice is that whether it lets moisture out or not, so in marketing terms you need to check whether the sleeping bag has a moisture barrier or not. Water-resistant bags are more breathable but slightly clammy and with bags with thinner nylon allow air to move freely in and out of the bag very easily.

  • Can I wash the backpacking sleeping bag in a machine?

    Ans: When you travel your bag gets dirty and you can’t just use it without washing it, it might smell bad or the bag might not be good for long usage. It isn’t very easy to wash the sleeping bag because you can’t wash this bag with hands, it might be a tough and tiring task. To wash these bags in the machine you need to understand how it works, for bags under $100 there might be some restrictions to wash them in the machine or we can say it also depends on the quality of the bag too. Some might need a cold-water wash, some might need a hot-water wash, some might need detergent-wash, to get the proper information about washing the bag you need to check out the manufacturer’s manual. Also, some of them might need a gentle wash and then they might not be good at handling the trip because of which you might not feel too warm and this thing also voids your warranty. So, you need to check the manufacturer’s manual to understand properly about the sleeping bag and then wash it correctly to get the best out of it.

  • Which sleeping bags are needed for winter camping?

    Ans: For this, you need to check the specifications very precisely and check the comfort rating before purchasing it. Also, you need to take care of the temperature of the bag before the bag becomes too cold. Many sleeping bags are designed based on season rating which tells in which season you can use the sleeping bag. So, while buying take a note of it and understand the details properly to get a sleeping bag for winters.

  • Which sleeping bag is best for tall people?

    Ans: There are many sleeping bags out there that are just perfect for tall people and there are few in our list too, do check them out and check whether they have a moisture barrier are they water-resistant or not, do they fit in people with more than 6 inches of height and do they have wider space inside so that your toes can easily move around, so they need a sleeping pad or not, all these things are important for tall people because there might be limited sleeping bags out there. So, try them out and get the best one for yourself.
    Pro tip: look for a bag that is 7 to 9 inches tall then your height so that you have enough space inside, and you do not lose too much body heat.


Concluding the article hope you liked the article and have made a decision about which sleeping bag to buy, so get that one, if you didn’t like the products then you can come back and check the buying guide out and we are sure that it will help you out and you will understand about the products. Also, let us know if you like any products and if you find any good products which aren’t on our list do let us know and we would add those. In the end, it’s our reader’s satisfaction that manners. I hope you find some good products. Cheers! Happy Journey!